november 21

Become a Shareholder of the Global Investment Portfolio.


STO token CryptoUnit (WCRU) – become a Shareholder of the Global Investment Portfolio.

 📌 Own Blockchain CRYPTOUNIT, WorldCRU wallets will be opened there

 📌 Own crypto exchange!

 📌 UGPay Group AG company

 – registered in the Swiss jurisdiction, created specifically for the sale of WCRU security tokens.

 📌 Registration of UGPay Group AG with the US Securities and Exchange Commission

 (English The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC)

 📌 Available for download:

 🔹 white paper

 🔹 tokenomics

 🔸 Invested $ 69 102 540

 ❗️Capitalization $ 11 607 443 725

 According to the independent International Appraisal Company

 ✅ Join and purchase IPPs with a big discount:

 ❗️After entering the exchange on November 23, it will no longer be possible to purchase tokens at such a discount + receive training from the Academy of a Private Investor


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