October 20

Promising DigiU developments!


Promising DigiU developments!

In just 10 months of the project’s existence, the DigiU team has already created 4 developments based on advanced 21st-century technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

⭐️ DigiU.VoiceDigiU.Voice service is based on the “text-to-speech” AI technology. It transforms text into speech, taking into account the individual characteristics of the voice, which allows us to recreate the intonations, accents, and pauses of a certain person. Our development can “speak” Russian and English. Teaching DigiU.Voice Russian language was much more difficult than English as the basic Russian vocabulary is 10 times larger! Both versions of DigiU.Voice are available at https://lk.digiu.ai/voice without registration.

⭐️ DigiU.VisionDigiU.Vision is an object recognition service based on the computer vision AI technology. DigiU.Vision can recognise emotions (joy, sadness, surprise, calmness, anger), distinguish gender, and determine a person’s age! You can test the demo at https://lk.digiu.ai/vision

⭐️ DigiU.WealthDigiU.Wealth is the company’s first monetised product. It profits from DeFi-exchangers, which provide a percentage of commission to those who invest in the product. It uses predictive analytics to study exchangers and predict which one will bring the highest returns. DigiU.Wealth works in the Decentralised Finance System (DeFi), which is based on blockchain technology. It makes the product safe.You can become a DigiU.Wealth investors and earn 3-7% per month on it: https://wealth.digiu.ai/

⭐️ DigiU.EducationDigiU.Education is an educational service. It complies with EdTech, a new direction in education, which introduces AI and IT technologies, such as VR, smart boards, gamification tools, into the learning process. DigiU.Education takes these aspects into account: we have introduced gamification, added infographics, and made online lessons short, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere. The first course is dedicated to venture capital investments. You can complete it absolutely free of charge here: https://education.digiu.ai/

DigiU does not stop at what has been achieved: every day, the team works on the creation of new developments and improvements of the existing ones!19.10.2020

Registerlink: https://lk.digiu.ai/auth/registration/1060287080


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